i posted a question but am yet to get reply....plz kindly rply

Please be patient, some questions make take 2 days to get atleast 1 reply. Another reason that your question is not being answered is because your question isn't 100% clear or you just want us to do it for you. I am just giving you a little heads up on how to write your next post and gain quicker results :)

First, you have to understand that you need to be patient when you post a question on this forum. Getting a response within an hour is not always common. Its members are fantastic about giving help but you cant expect a real time dialog.

Secondly, your other post is basically asking for someone to write a orogram for you. For this thpe of post, you should expect no response or a response that indicates you will not get much assistance.

If you try to do the work and get stuck and need help, you will find that you will get some valuable help.

commented: Couldn't have said it better myself :) +0

And, that question is posted in the community feedback forum rather than the pascal forum. Not so surprising it's getting very little love then, is it? PS. I have moved it now...

No I haven't, the edit button isn't working (even for us admins) right now...