For some odd reason, parts of the site like awkward. For example, the community center button is flying off the menu (right under the hardware & software menu) and the top stats chart is displaced.

You may need to look at it, I may not seem clear.

I am using windows 8, so you should check using it.

I have no issues on IE.

I've been using Windows 8 exclusively at home for a few months now and haven't experienced any problems in IE, Chrome, or Firefox. The problem you're describing sounds a lot like a zoom issue. Reset your zoom (usually with something like ctrl+0) and see if that fixes the "awkward".

It's either a zoom issue, or that you're in IE compatibility mode.

It is not a zoom issue, and it maybe a compatibility issue... But it isn't 100% important for me because i use safari more often.

Michael, Please take a screenshot.

okay, give me a bit of time to figure out how to take a screen shot first. (on windows)

Here are the snapshots:


Screenshot one looks so very like the zoom issue.

It looks the same even if I didn't zoom out, I thought I could get most of the picture together.

It looks like a CSS issue ... Hmm, I'll look into it.

It looks like a CSS issue ... Hmm, I'll look into it.

That is good, but it isn't that important for me because it could be my browser that is messed up.

This can happen with Tablets when the page is viewed in portrait. It's not a zoom problem, but more the way the page adapts to the Portrait layout. It can also happen with Win' 7.

Sound about right, Michael?

Right, that makes sense but i was not using a tablet ;)

...hmm... but as your images are clearly landscape, then perhaps my suggested portrait adaptation problem doesn't sound about right then does it? :-)

Well... all i can tell you is that i am using a laptop, though you can make it a tablet ;).

I provided a link to the computer if you were curious to know about a laptop/tablet/"tent".

That's a nice piece of kit. :-)

I've gone back to wondering if it does have something to do with your Tablet display layout. Considering the images you have posted, the Daniweb website is looking proportionally narrower than what it would do in a typical Landscape view. So, although your view is Landscape, your browser seems to have formatted it for Portrait.

My laptop/tablet diplays the DW site in the same way as yours does, and I just put it down to a tablet thing.

OKAY GUYS, the site looks fine now... I just updated my computer and it is all good, it looks like the mac display!