There is a browser issue with this fixed footer.Look in both images.The IE one doesn't

contain AD:web based bug tracking - .when user is not logged in.

LOG: FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). // is also shown in chrome and mozilla
Object required:


Also there is one more problem.While uploading image in this editor,there is option to align pics are three position but after that it is keep on adding that image if we keep on clicking.No option to delete.User has to delete from the code generated.

Please look into this issue.

Correct dani.I just changed from compatible mood then it is working fine.

See another one but with something different.In this person name is blank.I am not sure if it is intentionally or due to bug.


This happened twice yesterday.I am not sure what exactly is the glich.once in morning and next time at late night.

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