I am receiving such annoying PM from mvmalderen.This must be either through Post in feedback not through PM.
If you want to give suggestions give through thread.

Reply to this post as a PM to avoid further thread pollution.

first of all i don't sit 24 hours in this forum to reply and neither i downvote without giving reasons.
"the above quote is taken from oracle site" doesn't seem to be much of a reason to downvote this post.

Secondly,i also want to know the reason for downvote,not only some persons can ask this question
The reason was clearly stated in my comment and in this post.
Also note that the voting system as it currently stands allows anonymous votes.
If you disagree about this then I do suggest you to join this discussion by writing something that is constructive rather than by whining about the couple of downvotes you got.

As for this is concerned,if you are java professional you might know that there are only 1 oracle site for java docs.
As you may know a website can consist out of many webpages, as is the case with many websites, and certainly with Oracle's. Therefore simply stating "oracle site" is vague and not helpful if you intend to prove something.
What is helpful is providing a reference if you quote things because some people might be interested to take a look at the source you use to underpin the statements you make in your post.

As for reference is concerned http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/IandI/subclasses.html
Nail on the head, that's what I meant.

It's first time i have ever heard this type of qustions.
For everything there is, at a certain point in time, a first time.

In this

Reply to this post as a PM to avoid further thread pollution.

Dani:- Is this not violation of rule

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If you have a concern about receiving annoying PMs from another community member, why not send a private message to Dani or one of the other administrators on this site.

Posting it doesnt really seem like an appropriate action. No one else needs to see the PM.


I am receiving such annoying PM from mvmalderen.

I'd suggest ignoring them if they annoy you so much. If you get PMs that are abusing or harrassing, feel free to report them.

This must be either through Post in feedback not through PM.

There's no such requirement. I suspect you're misinterpreting a clause of Keep It Organized: "Do not ask anyone (member or moderator) for help by email or private message". However, note that this clause specifically prohibits asking for help. If someone wants to send you a PM to clarify reasoning for downvotes then that's fine. It's also a good idea for the stated reason of not further derailing a thread by airing dirty laundry.

Is this not violation of rule

It's not a violation of any rule.

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