There appears to be a small bug. Where if I edit a post, save it, and then edit it again without reloading the page, it won't show the edits when the edit box shows up, it will show the original post.

If you didn't get that, follow these steps to replicate:

1) Edit a post
2) Save that post
3) Edit it again without reloading the page
4) You will notice it had the original post content from the post creation.

To me it seems that you are not loading the post content from the server each time after the initial load of the post for the edit box.


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Test post ... <edit> <second edit: I cannot reproduce your issue>

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Hmm, strange, Maybe it was a coincidental series of events that caused it, nevermind.

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I have seen this too, when I double edit a post to add "code-tags". If I went back for a second try and saved it, the post would show up as the original. Pressing F5 solves the problem. For some reason I can't seem to reproduce it at this moment.

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Hmm interesting. I think more investigation needs to be conducted.


I have seen this before as well. Just seems to be if you edit in quick succession without re-loading the page.

Just reproduced it now.

Using the latest version of CHROME.

EDIT: There is a video showing the reproduction. Dani/Deceptikon can PM me for it if interested :)

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Yep, I had the same thing, quick succession, chrome.

I have noticed this on IE10, while editing HJT logs over wifi. Other than that, no consistent reproducable example (yet).

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