i was wondering if there could be some notification system like facebook which pops up a number as soon as something in your daniweb world has changed.
currently , i have to refresh to get the info if im already watching the opened page , and if im opening daniweb , then i have to check the changed coloured balls to get a idea of what has changed.
but this only gives limited info ... all the detailed stuff like posts voted up/down , comments received etc we only get to see that from our profile page , and that too , unless we remeber what our pervious score was , we wont realise if anything has changed or not.

now , im new here , not many posts either , but still i find myself in daniweb for a substantial amount of time these days , and i quite enjoy being here aswell... would love if i could get some instant updates on the changes occuring around me like one gets in facebook. atleast for me , it would make the whole experience even more engaging :)


The problem with instant/realtime updates is that they can hammer the server, and it gets worse the more notifications you offer. Your example was Facebook, but I can guarantee that Facebook doesn't have the same server and database limitations that we do, and keeping the site responsive (not to mention avoiding crashes) is somewhat important. ;)

I agree that it'd be a great feature, I'm just not sure it's feasible at the moment.

facebook doesnt help when im down with a code :P
so i can live without the instant updates thing :)
but if there was something that would tell me about the changes , like if got any votes etc.. that would be good , they dont have to be realtime or anything..

There is something in place already. If you have email notification enabled then you will be notified when you are upvoted or downvoted (at least with a comment).

thanks , i didnt know about that part. will check it out. :)