I just noticed that Perl and Python are under the Software Development category, but not Web Development, while Ruby is under Web Dev and not under Software Dev category. Don't get me wrong, they do belong where they currently rest, but perhaps a link to Perl, Python and Ruby could be put under both Web Dev and Software Dev; Perl and Python are still widely used for Web Dev, and I was thinking that maybe someone may go looking for Perl under Web Dev. Plus Ruby's not exclusively used for Web Dev. I don't mean duplication of forums or anything, just a link to each forum under both categories...

Just a thought, what do you guys think?

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C# can be used for both web development and non web development applications. To that end, while PHP is primarily used for web development, it can be executed from the command line as well. Basically we've adopted the tagging system as the new primary means of navigation here at DaniWeb, realizing that the category/subcategory structure is really not perfect at all.

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