I went for an interveiw yesterday. and in my cv i had a link to my endorsment page. To my supreise i pass, all the others had better cv than me but i pass. I had something all of them didn't have endorsment from people i did not know and who were not in the county. Thank daniweb for this move i love it and please endorse me!!! hahaha.
How do you get endorsment by the way.

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That's great news... congratulations. To endorse another member, click on the "endorse" link in the top menu, or visit the user's profile and click on the "skill endorsements" tab.


Keep in mind that ndorsements are supposed to be a recognition of a member's expertise in a particular area. It is not supposed to be a "tit for tat" system where a member says "if you endorse me then I will endorse you". Make sure that when you endorse someone it is for the right reason.

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