I am sure that this posting isn't going to be well received by some of the more "veteren" members, but here we go anyways...

I'm aware that in the past, reputation points were awarded to members for posts in non-technical forums/sub-forums, such as the Community Center.

For some time now, reputation points are not being awarded in these categories which is fine. I think that most would agree with that. However, the more veteran members (many of which no longer participate) were able to rack up quite a bit of reputation points over the years in these categories.

I think it would be interesting to see what the new rank would be if all of the reputation points awared from non-technical forums were removed. I bet a handful of the newer members from the last 2-3 years (excluding myself-as my count is not as impresive...) would rise to the top ten list immediately. You all know who they are....

That would seem fair. And yes, in the grand scheme of life, I understand that the vote count, reputation points, and skill endorsements are not that important so this post is not meant to start a controversy, and I'm not whining here. I was just curious if the administrators of this site had ever considered this.

The good thing is that if you dont agree with this post, the worst case scenario for me is that you can only down-vote me, rather than affect my reputation... I hope you resist to down-vote this post... :P

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I agree, kind of. However, I don't personally get too caught up on reputation points (They don't pay the bills!!) so therefore, it doesn't effect me what Person A and Person B has. My ethos is that you should want to help someone regardless of how many reputation points you get/have.

The amount of times "newbies" have come along, asked a question and recieived a really good response from someone to recieive no reputation is shocking but members still seem to do it.

My own personal opinion it's too much hassle to do what is suggested and you should WANT to help regardless of any reputation changes you may have.

Good day :)


However, the more veteran members (many of which no longer participate) were able to rack up quite a bit of reputation points over the years in these categories.

DaniWeb has not allowed rep in Community Center for several years now. I don't know how many I got from there but you would probably be surprised to see how few of mine are from my posts in Community Center. Most (roughly 80%) of my 32,000 posts are in the C and C++ forums over the past 7 years. So even if Dani removed all those rep points as you suggest it probably would not make much difference in member's rankings.

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We haven't allowed rep in the Community Center for a very long time, as AD pointed out. While some people don't get too caught up on rep points, other people choose to take them more seriously, and I think it wouldn't be fair to those long time members to suddenly see their reputation counters seemingly arbitrary sliced. At this point, the "damage" has been done, and I feel it's best to leave well enough alone.

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