At the mo some of the questions posed here can be answered rather succinctly by linking to other forums, shall we say your competitors.

From a helpful POV i.e getting a quick solution it serves its purpose. But I was wondering if this is damaging to Daniweb (google rankings) because rather than posting unique content we're just linking to another domain.

Of course this doesn't actually change the situation because it makes no sense to create unique content which is already out there.

But if it really is damaging maybe it is worth it for DW's sake?

As the community administrator, I would rather the answers be posted on the site as a reply to the questions being asked. However, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world if an answer includes a link to another website that has an answer in great depths.

I think the general rule of thumb should be if it's a relatively succinct answer, then it's best to keep it on DaniWeb. It's actually a better experience for the OP to see the answer right below their question instead of being sent offsite and have to start navigating their way around another site to find an answer originally intended for a close-but-not-quite-the-same question. However, it makes most sense to link to someone else's long, detailed explanation, etc., or if there's a really good and relevant conversation going on somewhere else.