Gah I think I missed you in live chat by about a minute. Let me know if it's fixed now.


Oh, lol. Yes, I missed that. Us Americans don't follow up every other statement with a rhetorical question.


Either that or you win by default me thinks!

I was screwed :P

Kidding, I said I was screwed because pritaeas and I were the only entries in the contest and noone else provided any code and the deadline was about to be reached.......then Dani extended the contest :(


need more help from you..

If you have any questions, please post them in the forums and I'll be happy to help :)


Have been experimenting with irc/ dw chat with meteor, but all I've got to show for it is a nosebleed :)


Diafol, that's pretty much why I decided to write something in house instead of try to integrate the IRCs with DaniWeb. But I think it would be much appreciated by the IRC folk if some type of integration were possible.


It's getting websockets to play nice. Oh... and to build a lightweight irc client - not just a bot - that's way above my abilities :(

I'll vote for a spectacular nosebleed :D

Well said - especially as I'm lost in the node-land labyrinth without a guide... haven't found the door that says <?php echo "Welcome Home";?> yet :)

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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike...

Is it me, or do all online tutorials deliberately lead you down the garden path of optimism and enthusiasm, just to dump you unceremoniously in the compost heap of frustration and despair?

Only when you search some obscure underground little forums do you start to get crumbs pertaining to your issues. They're never the same issues, mind you, but close enough to send up another blind alley or a hundred. Profanity is not my strong point, but the walls are bluer than the bluest blueberry in blue city... I feel a rant coming on... better stop there...


Dani? Has there been a change to the API recently? I have yet to debug, but my client apps are no longer working correctly (no, haven't touched them).


Is it me, or do all online tutorials deliberately lead you down the garden path of optimism and enthusiasm...

It's not just you. Sturgeon's Law says 90% of everything is crap. That clearly includes online tutorials. My bane is looking for simple examples of things but I just end up with someone more interested in showing how much more he knows than I do than educating me. To wit. A good example is someone on Daniweb who recently asked how to put text on a progressbar. I looked around and found several custom progress bars but all of them had everything but the kitchen sink thrown in code-wise. As teaching tools (here's how to add a bit of functionality to a progress bar) they were worse than useless.

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