What does that red flag represent, the one next to the word "Featured" beneath my avatar???

I like the red for Sponsor though - stands out.

BTW, where's my featured badge? :)

Huh, I sound like Muttley now, asking for a medal :(

The icon seems a little misaligned - I can see the bottom edge of the button (and some of the upward curve) below it.

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Sorry diafol, AD wins because I hate the color red. Red is such an angry color, I think.

Can you take a screenshot? It looks fine on my screen.



No biggie, but it drew my attention nonetheless. Using Chrome on W7
Ignore the line across the top - that's from the mod button - I'm rubbish at cropping!

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Looks OK in Opera (blue too). I reckon I need to clear my cache? OK, now it looks fine - like a wrap-around thingamabob.

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Avatars and signatures disabled by any chance? The flags are blue and purple now anyway.

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hmmm ... what red flag? don't see any red flag there?

Humm -- you must not have read the posts in this thread.

Pritaes: no
Ancient_Dragon: no, I've read the posts, but unless 'change the color' is equal to 'removed the flag', still don't see it.
the only boxes with some color in it I see, is Sponsor (word in blue, with an image of quotes in front of it), for the others (Moderator, Team Colleague, Featured), I just see the word.

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