Dani - I don't see the x anywhere.

Oh, that's incredibly strange. You're supposed to have a black X next to the room name. What OS / browser combo?

Firefox 22.0 + Windows Pro 7. It works under IE10.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was able to reproduce this in Firefox on Windows 8 and I believe I've fixed the CSS bug.

When I click on the X in the Community Chat tab, shouldn't that close the tab? What it does for me is just make Active Rooms the active tab. The clicked tab remains open.

That happens to me half of the time. The other half, the tab actually closes.

It's a race condition that I decided was an acceptable loss in the interest of caching. You really have left the room: refresh the page and you'll see.

I refresh the page and Community Center Chat is still there. Likewise if I clear the cache and do a refresh. However, If I click X and the focus goes to Active Rooms then I click the X on Community Center Chat again it does finally close.

So, if I understand you correctly:

  • You are in Community Center Chat
  • You click the X in the Community Center Chat room
  • You are redirected to Active Rooms
  • The Community Center Chat tab still exists
  • You refresh the page and the Community Center Chat tab is still there

Is this correct?

That is correct. And If I click X on the Community Center Chat tab when it doesn't have focus, it closes.

The tabs change places as well. If I have three tabs labeled

A     B     C

and B is active, if I click on C then C becomes active but the tabs get rearranged as

A     C     B

Is this also by design? I've always found it disconcerting when controls rearrange themselves.

The tab issue is by design. However, I believe the tab closing issue has been resolved. Can you confirm?

OK marked as solved.