I'm recieving 2, sometimes 3 email notifications of a reply. The reply is the same one. Why am I recieving so many notifications for just one reply?

That's really strange. I have no idea. Has this been going on for awhile or did it just start? Does anyone else have this problem? Unfortunately, I can't test it for myself, because I don't use subscription notification.


Nope, for every one reply. One email.

I recive (sometimes) notice on MY reply.

I hate to bring the obvious, but is it possible that

1) Ya talk back and forth on the thread, and then open the email to find a whole bunch

2) Ya have it set on, like, daily updates?

Just throwin out some possiblities..

I'm not having problems by the way.


(If 'stein's reply is directed to me)
I've (can't remeber the actual thread) replied once, seen the grammar error in my reply, edited it and *whola* there it was - notice on MY reply. Happened couple of times but not every time.

Nope, none of that stuff. It has only been going on for about 2 weeks now.

I'm setting a new record here.
Got 4 identical notes.
Should call the Guinness guys.
And I'm not talking about the beer.

A new record, people!


I'm going to make a change. Tell me if this fixes it ...

I got 4 this time!!! Same thread, same responder, and same message!! Weirdo

From this thread 1
from other threads MORE.

I have a clue on these excessive notes!

I was just checking my e-mail and there were 2 of the same.
After I replied (twice on same thread) I got 3 notes. All pointing on same post with difference of time recived.
In total - 5.

I had it happen to me twice.... but it was only 2 of the same notification.

It is happening to me on a regular basis.

I think it went back to normal.

I got doubles at 10:14am CDT. I've had other double and triples on and off for a while now.

I'll look into it, but I really am clueless where to even start. The subscription manager thingy is all default vBulletin code.

Something must be happening to the 'thingy' (:)) 'cos I got only one double (hmmm.. one double...confusing, isn't it) today. Used to fill my mailbox.
Made me feel popular....

Was this happening before we upgraded from vB 3.0 to vBulletin 3.5 (would anyone know, by any chance)? (It was sometime last month)

It's been going on about a week or so.
Certain threads only (my case).

If you want to know which ones, let me know.

I get 2 email notices for one reply. Happened again this morning. Happened quite a lot in the last couple of weeks.

Oh well, I just took off all my subscriptions and reset my options. Now I don't recieve any replies.

That's one way of dealing with the problem...denial.

Join the club (6 is the record)

Still have absolutely no clue what is causing this or even when it started. Please ... if you could all remember back to the specific time when you first noticed this, it would be an enormous help. But right now I have nothing to go on.

Dani, read my posts here, I've seen a pattern. and aprox. starting time, but my short-term memory is failing me (too many dead neurons I think).

Does this only happen with thread subscriptions? Or does it also happen with forum subscriptions, PM notifications, etc.? And it only happens some of the time??