Thread subscriptions only. I'm not subscribed to any forums, though.
It used to be:
3 word story
vending machine game
counting lessons for the slow among us
your favorite quotes


vending machine game
your favorite quotes (my case)

Never came from:
this one
threads I've started
all the treads outside geek's lounge (trou. dead machines, windows..)

Started... you asked that before. It's a vBulletin thingy.


See, vBulletin support just keeps telling me it's definitely not their problem and that it's my server and to essentially figure it out myself. :( Which is why I need to know if it coincides with when I did a server upgrade or chaned any particular settings, which is why the date is so important.


I would say 2-3 days before this thread was started.

That woul be may 20. or 21.

(110% mental strain - tryin' my best to help)


Correction on my previous post.


Answer song names with song names

(vending machine game is back to normal)


Did not get a notice for your reply here either. Am getting some notices but not getting the multiples like I was B4.


Is it possible that your lack of email notices is related to the way that the vBulletin 3.5 system handles which threads are considered "read"?


You got me there :). What I know about that can be written on the head of a pin :D. I know that I had no problems before the upgrade though.

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