Could be related to current system tweaking efforts, but just in case: PM notifications are broken on-site. Email notifications coming through OK, but there are now no indications on-site of new messages without actually dropping into the Private Messages section itself.

Hmm, really? OK I'll be sure to check it out just as soon as we launch the new version of the site, which should be momentarily.

GRR! I'm at a huge loss as to why this isn't working ?!?!

You wouldn't by any chance have a rough idea of when this started happening, would you?

It has happened a couple of times during the last week, appeared then disappeared. Put it down to something you were doing with testing the new site. Can't be more specific though, sorry.

The pop-up notification box re-appeared today with the new site launch but the actual message count in the top menu bar still appears to be AWOL.

Can't reproduce, sorry. :(

Send me a PM and I can confirm if notifications are working here or not. I may have just missed the message count on the toolbar this morning, what with the new interface and all. I read my inobx as a first action on DaniWeb, so it's clear at the moment.

Nope, the message count doesn't update on the top toolbar (Articles Watching | Private Messages | Log Out) - I have your unread PM but no notification that it has arrived unless I check ther inbox itself.

I'll try to find some time to look into it tomorrow (already spent a long time on it today) otherwise it will have to wait until next week.

Not the most desperate bug to fix, after all the pop-up notification is working when you first log in so members will see if they have new PMs at the start of a session, just not throughout a session.