The odd capitalisation in my username was initially an acident, but I've embraced it anyway. Just to see what would happen, I tried changing my username to 'Assembly Guy' instead, but I'm being told that the username is already taken. I understand that it's case insensitive so that someone can't call themself 'dani' (all lowercase) and impersonate, but could we maybe change the username changing process such that if you own the username already, you can change the case of it?

As I write this, I'm convincing myself I've written it in a way that makes no sense...

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Can you change it to something that isn't your name and then back to your name?

But yeah, I agree, a simple logic gate that checks if your old username matches your new username (at a case insensitive level) hopefully wouldn't stress the development resource too much :)


Can you change it to something that isn't your name and then back to your name?

I don't think so -- as I recall we only get one crack at changing the user name.


you could always make a second user. the first you re-name, the second time you register with the 'right' capitalization, and just have a link to your other account in signature, but that might go against the rules (maybe only one account is allowed?) and is also a bit far-fetched IMHO.

a name with an aberrant capitalization 'jumps to sight', and might be remembered faster, so unless you are planning to create a lot of 'unpopular' posts, this might even be in your advantage :)

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