Trying to access DW on Smartphone (Android) and still getting trouble with the dropdown menus. Trying to access PHP forum, but of course, no hover on mobile, so have to go to Web Design then find a thread with the PHP link. Has anybody got an easier way - I'm a complete ignoramus with regard to Smartphone, so be gentle. :)

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Click on the 'Forums' link in the footer toolbar.

Forums link? how long has that been there! man... i have forgot a lot in my 2 months absence... :(


Haha how have I never seen this link? I was on my HTC One X Plus last night trying to use DW... took me about 20 minutes to reply to AncientDragon :D


I never really look at the footer menu to be honest, I don't think theres anything there I need to use. I will from now on though actually as the forum, unanswered, recently updated and my posts are bloody useful :D


So you don't think there's anything there that's useful but meanwhile half the links there are useful? I see how it is ;) hehe

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bum bum bummmm!!!

Well I've always got to what are pretty much the same places whilst taking different routes... you knew what I meant Dani play nice! :D


Thanks for the pointer Dani. However, on the Android the footer is at the bottom of the page, so I never get to see it. :(

I got a thing about menus that have a different hover / click action.

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