Noticed the other week that once you cancel sponsorship (for whatever reason) that you lose all recognition of helping the site at all in terms of running costs.

Can we introduce a 'Past Sponsor' badge or something along those lines so that those who have given but currently can't for whatever reasoning is still acknowledged for what they have done in the past for Daniweb?

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Firstly, sorry for the downtime over the past 45 minutes. Damn Softlayer :)

Secondly, unlike in the past when sponsors got the benefit of no advertising and access to a behind-the-scenes forum while everyone else didn't (nowadays, everyone gets no advertising), pretty much the single most important benefit that you get (at least according to our Donations page) is the warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing a Sponsor badge next to your posts.

That's the benefit of being an active sponsor. You only need to sponsor as little as $1 a month to get that reward. But ... we're already giving everyone the ability to disable advertising and everything else. The recognition and knowledge you get knowing that everyone knows how generous you are is basically the primary benefit of being an active sponsor.

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