I tried logging into my account and for some odd reason i can't login? What happened to my account?

My account was <M/> (I have all the proper login information, if you were wondering)

Ahh... we were wondering what happened. Dani noticed that you deleted your account today, she was wondering why. I'm sure she'll be able to revert it. But of course, no one knows why you (or someone accessing your account) managed to delete your account without your consent.

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Oh, awesome! I noticed that you had deleted your account last night with no explanation, and there was a very long thread in the moderators' forum about how ethical it would be to manually dig into the database, pull out your email address, and email you asking what happened!!

I'll go ahead and undelete your account.

Gah, I'm going to have to figure something out here because I can't revert your account. The system won't let me edit the account of a deleted member. Hold on while I figure something out?

Got ya back!!!!!!!

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Hmmm... now off to closing this thread... somehow...

Maybe he just wanted to see what deleting your profile actually does.

a few months back i had a similar problem in trying to login. This time i have logged in from the link in my email!! How to prevent this type of thing from repeating? I am happy to note that Dani could actually restore a deleted account.