as I posted a question concerning (explanation in c++) and I did not get my last request replied , I write this new post to be answered , for I want my doubt to be gone.

now that until now my request about (explanation in c++) is not answered , what should I do??? what should I do when my question get not answered ??? should I leave it and forget about its answer and stay confused without any hope of getting an answer???? or should I wait until someone answers it ??? and if so??? what is , in the community rules, generally , the time needed for a question to be replied ??? in other words , how much should someone , in the rules , wait in order to get his answer answered???? how to know if your question will be replied ??? should I persist on having an answer or this will be interpreted as a break of rules??? so , I want to know what to do if I do not get my question answered and especially **why **I do not get answer to my question???
I hope I get all these questions answered clearly

Show some patience. Everybody here volunteers any help. You cannot expect an answer in any amount of time.

I just replied. I initially thought that nullptr would come back around to answer.

why I do not get answer to my question???

That can vary. Sometimes the post is just too long. Sometimes you don't get the feeling that the original poster is really pull his weight (not making real efforts, just wanting to be spoon-fed the answers / explanations). Sometimes, like in this case, you see that another member (that you trust) has already started to "take care of that thread". Sometimes, it's not interesting to answer. Sometimes the question is unclear. Sometimes the question is just off-putting somehow (bad code formatting, unclear questions, or bad attitude). Sometimes you explain and explain and it seems to lead no-where, so you stop trying. There are many reasons why some threads go unanswered or people lose interest in answering it.

Remember, this is all just voluntary. Like in real life, if you want people to help you, you have to be nice, not too demanding, and just generally make it easy for them to want to help you, or keep helping you.

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also: sometimes you ask things none of us know anything about.
I can randomly add jibberish answers to Threads that don't have any answers yet, would that help you further?
it's impossible to put a time in which an answer should be provided, for a few very logical reasons:
* DaniWeb would have to know about each and every bit of knowledge/experience of all it's users, which they can't.
* DaniWeb should force users to be online on certain times, or within certain timelimits, which they can't.
* DaniWeb should require a certain limitation of replies per user, which they can't.

daniweb is a very interesting website and I thank all those who helped me solve my questions until now , of course there will be more questions.
but I will try to be more clear , more precise and more short and put questions only if they are very sophisticated and complicated (for me)to answer