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Have a look at this thread...

My machine shows seems to reformat this to plain text. So just plain page of text. Using Chrome/W7. Anybody else?

Looks fine for me, although I'm running Firefox and Chromium on Linux, not Chrome on Win7

Do you mean that the CSS file is missing?? Try hitting Ctrl+F5? Can you send a screenshot.

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It flashes correctly, then looks like a redirect to this...


That's odd. Looks like some type of e-reader stripped away all the CSS.

Works fine for me with Windows 7 Pro and Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m

Displays fine from my mobile, iPhone 5

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Aha. You were right Dani. I had a Chrome Extension called "Markdown Preview" enabled, which caused it. Strange it's the only page on DW where I've seen that happen. Well, disabled it for the time being. Thanks for the idea and to the rest of you for confirming that the fault was at my end. :)