For awhile now I've been running a 468x15 AdSense link unit after the first post in threads and the performance was surprisingly good for being so unobtrusive. Since I removed AdSense from the leaderboard and skyscraper in favor of more typical banner campaigns, I'm now experimenting with 468x60 AdSense after the first post, to keep AdSense on the page. If it performs just as well, I'll put the link unit back (no use having the larger sized ad if the smaller size does just as well). But if it performs much better, I'll keep it.

Heh, seems alrite with me.

Does the larger ad bring in more revenue by any chance? If so, keep it :)

I need to do a test for a couple of days before I'll know one way or another. Traffic was really skewed today because of Memorial Day weekend.

So what did you decide works better, I see that you are now using the 468x60 adsense now so I am guessing that it brings in more then the adlinks.

I moved to the 468x60 because I stopped rotating AdSense ads within the leaderboard and skyscraper ad spots. It's definitely performing much better than the text links - I'm very happy :)