New buttons are nice -- but will you please add tool tips so that we know what they are? For example buttons for Report Post (Flag) and the other one next to it (I have no idea what it does).

Flagging a bad post has a flag icon and Bookmarking a post has a bookmark icon. But, yeah, I'll add tooltips :)

While we're on the topic of the buttons, I find them a bit standy-outy. I find them to draw attention away from the post. Maybe if they were more pale? Maybe it's just me.

It's just you :-)))

Well, maybe not, but I have to admit I think that they get the obtrusive factor about right: loud enough to be noticed, but not purple...

I quite like the new look. When we first switched over to the redesigned site some time ago I found the multi-coloured look too distracting. The current look is functional, pleasing to my eye, and does not distract from the main content.