One thing I find quite irritating is that you can write a lengthy
posting without logging in. You just can't send it. If you then log in,
you loose all the writing. You can't even copy it before logging in.

Is there any plans doing something for it?

Often I pop in to see if there is something new without bothering to log in,
and if I find something to comment I sometimes forget to log in before
starting the writing.

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If you're not logged in, you can write out your reply and then click on one of the three blue buttons that say Login with Facebook / Twitter / Google+, and it should retain your post. There is no traditional login form because we're migrating away from that in favor of logging in via social networks.

You can alternate between logging in via a social network and our traditional login mechanism. Just ensure that the primary email address associated with your social network is the same email address associated with your DaniWeb account.

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