Why is making a thread (typing it out allowed) and then if I forget to login, it takes me to another page making me lose the entire typing?

Login should be required first before making a thread. Or at least make it AJAXy

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If you type out your entire thread, you can use the Log In with Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn links to log yourself in without losing everything you wrote.

If you attempt to use the Log In button at the top of the page, an alert will come up saying that you will lose all of the contents of your post if you do this. This gives you an option to copy your post, log in the traditional way, and then paste it, so you don't lose everything.

It's intentional that the traditional login form is not available below the editor when you're not logged in. It's very clunky and we're trying to streamline the login process by encouraging people to log in instead via one of their social media platforms in a single click. Ever since we introduced the feature, nearly all signups are that way.

You simply need to make sure that your social media platform and DaniWeb share the same email address.


Im surprised....

There a reason you are pushing social, non Daniweb signups? I would think you would like more people signing up to the site!

Ive seen a lot of sites that you press the login button up float, a jQuery floating window appears where you can user/pass, and it signs you in without losing ANY content or any copying/pasting (this is what I ment by "AJAXy")

IDK, its a lot more modern than c/p to not lose your content...

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When you sign up via social, you're creating a real DaniWeb account. Just instead of having to fill out a form, all of the relevant information, including your username, email address, avatar, bio, and full name, are automatically pulled from your social media profile, and it's all done with just a click.

You can create your DaniWeb account using either method, and you can log into an existing DaniWeb account using either method. They're totally compatible with each other as long as the same email address is used for your social media account and your Daniweb account.

Ever since integrating with Facebook a few years ago, we were immediately getting over 80% of our new signups this way. Nowadays, just about all members sign up and login via social. Even many who signed up the traditional way years ago are logging in via social today.

We used to have the login form show up in a lightbox with our old skin. However, because nowadays over 80% of our logins are done with social media, I had to add all of the social media links to the login modal to make it useful. Then the modal just got too bloated looking and I decided to have it on a separate page.


I think-at first,you should login your forum.Don't take long time for posting.

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