See attached image. If I hover over the last reply link, then the link shows as post/jump/0. Opening the thread, doesn't show a reply.

Also, I see two questions "member badges" in this forum by mattster, but I can only open one, the other opens the OOPS page.


I can't reproduce your first (screenshot) issue, but I agree with the second one. Does the same for me too. The URI Id is different by 1 between each post.

Both of these issues are related to posts that happened within minutes of each other. There was probably some type of server glitch that stopped the scripts from executing midway through.

We'll be switching off of Apache onto Nginx soon, which I hope is going to improve the situation.

I'm going to investigate in the database and see what is out of sync. Really seems like a server glitch snafu'ed both operations midway through.

Looks like it, because suddenly all forums are marked as unread (while they aren't).

pritaeas just deleted a duplicate post of mine and now the post reply count is 0 even though there is still 1 reply. I recall someone else reported the same issue a few days ago.