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Having subscribed to the mailing list, I got barraged with hundreds (it seemed like) emails every day. Is there any way to cut down on these? It took me over half an hour to delete them all! My mail provider warned me that my account was "dangerously" full. ;)

That's the point of the mailing list :) It actually already does filter out content we don't think you'd be interested in. There's a warning label when you opt into it that you're supposed to set up mail rules to do filtering for you based on your own needs.

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Heh. I guess my interests are too varied! OK, thanks for the heads up.

Try setting up mail rules to only keep notifications from specific forums, or notifications about threads you have posted in. The idea is that different people can use it for different reasons. Also, ideally you're supposed to set up a rule to have all mailing list mail go directly into a subfolder in your Inbox.

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Thanks Dani - but that's too much like hard work (for me at the mo). I'm on here often enough not to really warrant the mailing list anyway. Thought I'd give it a whirl. 'Twas a bit of a shock. Heh.

The mailing list is more so designed as an ALTERNATIVE to using the website where they can consume all of our content and reply to existing threads without using the site.

Really, it's an alternative way of participating on DaniWeb via your email client.