This is a suggestion to the admin as an user of daniweb to introduce a live chat option,so that the users dnt have to kip on refreshing and waiting for the solution of their query.
looking foroward 2wards some positive action from the admin towards the subject matter.
with regards in advance M1K3 :)

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We already have a chat feature. On the footer bar you'll find one quick way to get to it (the Chat button).

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he heh - that was quick action!

Keep in mind that chat is not the best option for getting help for anything other than the simplest problems.

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No need to keep refreshing, either ... you'll receive hourly email alerts for threads on your watch list.


@dani your name indicates that may be u r d owner.so my big question is:-can't you introduce a new feature like fb?? where a user can be notified of any kinda activity done on their posts,dicussion threads etc..it will surely help the users by providing the easiest way to know what kind of big deal is done with the respective posts of the users :)


ya dear i meant that only,& your "watch" feature is quite helpful,& i really feel comfortable with that(p.s:-mark my query as solved) :) @dani

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