I travel with my tablet a lot (iPad 2nd Gen) and I'm often checking out the forum and posting when I can, but I've been getting sick of it because I cannot post code back in reply.

The Editor Toolbar just doesn't show up on mobile. I don't know if then is intentional but if it's not, then I'm really surprised it hasn't been fixed yet.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Our editor toolbar is not compatible with many mobile devices, and we take this as an acceptable loss because I don't see many people painstakingly typing out long code snippets from their iPads. It's not like there's a code editor on your iPad that you can copy/paste code from.

That being said, you might want to subscribe to our mailing list (option available in member profile). All posts relevant to the sections you are active in on the site get emailed to you, and you can reply directly via your email client to post.

I should mention, you can post code from the editor on iOS devices by indenting each line with at least 4 spaces.