When I have my browser snapped onto the view where it takes up half my screen and have the code snippet window, it only reveals half of the window (half has been cut off) and when I put it in full screen, the window seems to get fixed onto the side of the page (still cut off)... Has anyone noticed that yet by any chance?

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I've noticed it too, not sure if they'll bother to fix something like that though..?

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She'll fix it

We will see... Dani always gets things done asap. I also noticed that when your trying to provide a code snippet to any forum, the line count seems to flyout the editor, overlapping the navigation on the top.


Sure thing.


The screen has been adjusted a bit because I modified the screen a little bit.

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Also, since your at it, you should also take a look at the android version of the site. The navigation seems likes it mishapes itself. Also, when you paste a code snippet to the archive, the line count seems to fly over the navigation when you scroll down your code.



So, I fixed a related issue, but we can't accomidate such small screen resolutions is the problem. I'll see if there's an easy workaround but it's not a priority.


OK, so to make a long story short, because we cache the code snippet editor, once you open it at a particular browser size, it remains at the existing size/position forever (even if you resize your browser window). This isn't changing.

However, I did make an adjustment so that it's more appealing at smaller resolutions.

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