1. What the deal with rep points?
  2. How do they increase?

Iv got a few upvotes for helping others but I dont seem to be earning any points.

You earn reputation points when other people vote on your posts and leave a comment. Your reputation increases by the amount of rep power they have, which is based on their reputation.

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As a rule, people tend to upvote more than they do leave rep. The reputation stuff is usually reserved for posts that members have found really helpful/interesting or really annoying/useless.

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And most regulars don't care about rep points anyway.

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Also something which others haven't mentioned; you can't earn rep in any sub-forum which falls under the "Community Center" category.

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maybe upvotes should add +1 rep by default. New members are hardly getting any reputation since the redesign and those are the people who probably care most about it.

The troublw ith adding +1 via anonymous voting is the ease with which it could, and would, be abused. Some folk have already 'gamed' the endorsement system by setting up multiple accounts to endorse them and others to try and gain rep (which didnt work, just saw every post upvoted many times for no good reason).