I dunno if this idea has been brought up already, but whaddya guys think about a forum for canned messages?

This sorta came to my attention that we don't have one after I was lookin for somewhere to post the Ewido canned...

I don't think a whole forum is warranted yet since there are only about 4 people max who use it ... what I think would be a good idea right now is to post them in the Techie's Lounge and sticky them in there. Then, when the security scares are over, unsticky the older ones.

Heh alrite, cool by me. Do ya want all of them in there, or just the generalized fixes?

For example, should I just post the basics (ie adaware, ewido, ccleaner, etc)

or do ya want me to post the specialized fixes too (Wareout fix, vundo fix, haxdoor fix, etc)?

The Techie's Lounge is a hang out place for all of the regular folks who visit Tech Talk. I'm not one of them. Therefore, it's not my call to decide what you guys want to talk about :)

I'm just suggesting that it would be a good idea to sticky the canned replies for current security threats because this way they'll be easily available to people who want to be helpers as well as people who want to self-help themselves and are looking for the fix.

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly are 'Canned Messages' ?

I just recently learned that canned responses are responses that are already premade. So, they can scan a Hijack This Log, find the problem, and paste the solution (already prettied up with BBCode Tags and all, so it has bullets and color, and fun stuff) without having to type it over and over for the same spyware/virus problem. I think they are kinda sexy....

I think they are kinda sexy....

Oh, you have no idea ;).

But, seriously, thats indeed what they are and they are very helpful :). Saves a lot of typing.

Heh ya.

And I didn't know about them into I was well into about 100 posts :(