Dear Daniweb,
I have enjoyed being a member for several years and receiving the digest on a regular basis.
I am disappointed with the recommendation in this edition of the digest for

The information provided in the digest for the proposed free download was to create a username and password (and get downloading). Nowhere does it mention a requirement for credit card details. I tried to attempt a download by clicking the link in the daniweb digest and duly created username, password and supplied my email address. Now graphicstock requires my credit card details before I can continue.

I feel it is fraudulent of them not to have indicated from the beginning that my CC details would be required before I can complete the download! It looks like a ‘con’ to obtain my personal details because I would not have supplied it if I had the CC request information from the outset.
I trusted Daniweb community to have reviewed any company before recommending to the community.

I would be grateful if you can:
1. ensure that this issue regarding graphicstock is propagated so that members can make informed decisions before supplying their personal details
2. provide information regarding how I can remove my personal details from graphicstock after they obtained it through trickery and fraud
3. reply to this email to confirm that the concerns described in this email have been addressed

It would be a shame if the image of Daniweb is tarnished by association with sites using such fraudulent marketing methods.


Hi Theo,

Firstly, sorry for not having a chance to reply to your email the other day. It was on my list of things to do during the day but somehow I dropped the ball on that one. Regardless, this is probably a better medium, because I like to be open about these types of things for the entire DaniWeb community.

I'm reallllllly sorry you had a poor experience with Graphicstock. The first section of our monthly newsletter is always a paid sponsorship, and we are not directly affiliated with Graphicstock beyond a publisher<->advertiser relationship.

Again, I'm really sorry for the mixed messaging. I have pointed them to this discussion thread so that they can hopefully help you remove your information from their database.