I feel a bit stuck with this feature, and not really sure how to ask what I'm thinking, so sorry if you do not get it.

When someone replies to a topic I post, I tend to +1 the reply when the member is trying to help me, not just when a reply helped to solve or solves the problem I'm having.

So now, if I do that, you see a big list of featured answers and the replies themselves.

Am I using the +1 wrong?
Is this the way the thread is supposed to look?

Just a bit confusing, maybe I never seen a post about it or something.

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This is a new feature and currently under construction. Currently your votes automatically determine the helpfulness of the replies. There is no manual intervention yet, but that may come.


Am I using the +1 wrong?

There's not really a way to use it wrong, barring full out abuse like automatically downvoting every post from a member regardless of post content.

Typically I use the voting system as a type of kudos. If I think a post is well written and insightful, upvote. If I think a post is rude and unproductive, downvote. If the post is meh or otherwise average, no vote. Exceptionally good or bad posts get a comment and corresponding rep.


So how does the thing work, I sometimes upvote in topics that have nothing to do with me, because I just thing they're great.

So in a thread that I did not start, would an upvote from me cause the reply to be "featured"?

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