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    Any code,any tutorials anything your write is technically owned by daniweb LLC, it says in the TOC. Read More

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    Dani 1,665   3 Years Ago

    With the exception of the code snippet library, where it's understood that code is meant to be reused and shared. Read More

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    ddanbe 2,705   3 Years Ago

    *... Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can...* I'm with John. All the code I ever posted here belongs to anyone and no one. Earn money with it if you can, but don't sue me for it, if it hurts. It is not my "possession". BTW half of it … Read More

  • Heh heh, to paraphrase that famous bit of badly translated script from Zero Wing: All your post are belong to Dani! XD Read More

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    diafol 3,720   3 Years Ago

    My take on this is that anything I post on DW could be used in part or total in anything developed by anybody, without attribution or recognition of any kind. If you don't want that, consider not posting. After all we're contributing to help others, not to make money (forget … Read More

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