Why have you attached a text area to a solved discussion, If you would not give any reputation for further posting?

From my opinion, please remove or inactivate the text area for a solved question.

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There is still room or further discussion, or different viewpoints, even if the original question has been solved.


But, here is a rule to give a point on every posting. If there arises a new question referencing the solved ones, if you solve the new one or post a thread for that you can demand or expect a pont.


you can demand or expect a pont.

Reputation and upvotes are given by choice. Expecting or demanding them is not how they work.


I already receive a PM from Mr. Reverend Jim about this matter. After posting of an article I went to my profile and saw the points on "Posting In Articles" was 30. After receiving the above PM I saw that the point have been decreased i.e. 27. For that reason I questioned it. This is most hopeless job.


Oh, those points. They reset daily, the title says so: "Activity Points Accumulated Today"

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When you post

Yes, it should be.

in a two year old solved thread or you make two essentially identical posts in the same thread (just changing every to all) then don't be surprised if the post gets deleted. I did provide an explanation for the deletion at the time.

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