Hello, back again with some ideas.
Is it possible that we could have the ability to center our signatures?
I'd also like to see something like, image signatures... maybe just for people who have submitted a good amount of helpful answers. Put a limit, and don't allow text if they have an image... for example, if you put a limit on the image to 400x80, then they couldn't have text.


Signatures are designed to not take away from the more important posts. We used to allow images, multiple fonts, the ability to center, etc., and it was all just a huge distraction.

I don't see why centring text is all that bad, I think it makes it seem cleaner too.

Because when some text is centered and some isn't, then the eye has to start jumping all around the page to look for the next line to read.

It's all about how pleasing it is to the eye. Adding to the point that Dani made, when the reader has to jump around the page trying to find the next lie. they are more than likely going to give up trying to read it. Artistic people including web designers and the traditional artists have to remember this.

jump around the page trying to find the next lie

This is not a political website. I'll assume you meant line ^_^

In case you haven't yet read it, a great book on the subject is About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design by Alan Cooper. There is an updated version for the mobile age titled About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design

commented: thanks for the suggestions +0

I'm not very good at design, so meh. xD

Yeah.. multitasking isn't my strong suit and thank u for the suggestion I definitely take a look at them.