Today, I get an mail from DW, though I get some mails everyday normally. But it attaracts me and raises my curiosity, for it's title "You've Earned Rewards Points and I can cashout it as per a line in my mail

Rewards points can be cashed out for real money!.

I got another one like this seven to 10 days ago, and I treated it as normal. After second mail some question are arising in me that What is reward points, Why DW rewarding and which is the process it transform into cash. Is this real cash means money and would be deposited in bank A/c?

Yes, rewards points can be cashed otu for real money which gets sent to you via PayPal. There's a link at the top of the page that says '$ Rewards' that brings you to this page, which shows how many rewards points you have earned:

Once you have accumulated at least 500 rewards points, then you can cash out.

I went to the $Reward page and I saw that Total Rewards Points is 710 and Averages is 55. But,

Currently Available for Cash Out: 0 Rewards Points
and in the page there is a line
You need at least 500 available points to cash out.

Why are they differed where Rewards Points is 710.

Sorry for the confusion. Earnings next to months with a purple asterisk next to them are actually only estimated earnings. Earnings don't become available to cash out for about 45 days. So if you revisit that page next month, you'll be able to cash out.

Thanks for answaring about this matter. I had a hesitation to make such a question on this matter because I came here to get help for my problems and make help to others about software developing and wanted to know which I do not. The reason for my hesitation was, if any member can mind anything or get hurt from my question.
Again lot of thanks to resolve my curiosity.

Sorry, I'm not understanding your question??

I dont know where the cashout of last month is?It was $150 and it is not showing in december earnings.IT is showing points as normal but previous months earnings are nowhere.

The 146 points you mean? Don't worry, you'll have access to cash those out next month. However, 146 points is equivalent to $1.46, not $146, I'm afraid.

IF it is that much then can you explain to me the attached file i have placed arrrow on $ you have mentioned.I dont worry i am just enquiring.Last month it was showing 150 over there and on 1st of this month it was zero over there, that is what i mean.I think that should have been in december list. cashout.png

I think you need at least 500 before cashing out

The picture you are showing is the donation page. The amount listed is the amount of donations collected for the month for DaniWeb.

If you want to see your rewards, click on the rewards link above.

OH that is it thanks for clearing the confusion .I was making casteles in Air.JUst 1 dollar for 100 points .So it is 5 dollars for 500 points.Ok That is it.

Is PayPal A/c. a necessary condition to get the cash ?
How can any one get the cash, if he/she don't have PayPal A/c?

You need a PayPal account to cash out.

Paypal is free just register there.