At today morning, when I open my profile, the value displayed at location position is "West Bengal". This is right, because I am from the state West Bengal, India. When I go to View Career Profile, at the bottom it shows my location as "Maharashtra, India". But, some days ago I saw it as mine. Why does it shows this and why not the actual as previous?

I'm not sure. For one thing, the "Location" from your profile is whatever you set when you edited your profile. I think that another method might be used, based on IP address location. I remember that for a long while it used to show somewhere (can't remember where) that I was located in Finland, because I happened to be there when I first registered to the site.

Also note that ip address location is not always very accurate, especially in places like India, which doesn't have as much IP address ranges.

But somedays ago it was "West Bengal, India. Now this is "Maharashtra, India" 5a6f891d788e21201c047deda9bfd4ad
IS there any way to change the value of "location" by editing profile? I didn't find it. I use PC not Lap and it has been attached with a Fixed wired comprehensive broadband service, so IP address should be fixed. With inaccurate IP address how could Govt. and Corporate sectors do their jobs smoothly?

Career profiles take the location from the IP address. You cannot edit this in your profile. The location changed because you logged onto DaniWeb from a different location (home/work/etc).

Not yet.
My PC has been attached with a Fixed wired comprehensive broadband service. So there is no question to change the location of my PC(Desktop).This is most humorous, but I never carry my PC with me. I suppose, No one do this. I do not use wireless modem and also I do not have any Laptop.

In that case, as Mike suggested, your ISP in India simply hit a different router each time.

Not satisfied. Most contradictory.
If your suggession is correct, everytime login to DW, it should be showed different location. But not, Today, it is also "Maharashtra, India".
As per you suggession, you never locate any malicious jobworkers in internet. But Police Dept. do it. How do they find them?

I go through 3-4 websites to locate IP address. Everyone give me the same result and they locate me perfectly.

Hey, today this is West Bengal, India.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless it really bothers you, but like Dani said there's not much you can do about.