How do you enter DaniWeb? Via the home page every time, or with a shortcut straight to the section or forum you use the most? If the latter, do you ever visit the home page and if so how often?

My browser homepage used to always be the forum index, until you started blogging ;) Now it's the main portal page. However, regardless of what my browser homepage is set to, my first click is always Today's Posts.

The tutorials I can add. The blogs, I was thinking of adding, but I figured it was sorta redundant because when you click on the a category, blog entries appear right there at the top. If anyone else agrees this would be a good idea, I'll reconsider.

The code snippets, on the other hand, are another matter. Because there are virtually an unlimited number of languages that could appear in the code snippets, I can set the dropdown to list the top ten languages and then have a link to "all languages". I don't want the dropdown to be infinitely long, obviously.

I just want to add that I bought a new computer which arrived today, so it's going to be a little bit before I can get started on this because this machine doesn't quite feel like home yet. I need to install all of my dev tools and customize my settings before I can get into programmer mode.