Today's afternoon, I made an answare to the post phone number in forum.
Now this is 8:18PM it is vanished.

I don't see any, nor any deleted posts. Something must have gone wrong.

I did it from my office. After that I made a post on Dani's Upgraded editor. Till now which is the last one.

I'll leave this for Dani, because I can't see a post. I think it was never posted correctly, somehow.

But I am not worried about this posting. It surprised me. I made a point about the declaration and use of the array in my post.
But, when I answered, the posting was not well formatted. The whole posting area colour was lavender/light violet. Now this is well formatted and the codes area is white.
I have gone through the Activity Stream pages and saw that an editing has been done on that post. Perhaps, by mistake it should be dropped on that time.