Hi guys,

I just happen to use chrome and mozilla at the same time (well everyone can do that ). I always use chrome to login to Daniweb, just this morning I decided to use mozilla to login here at Daniweb. At first I thought I was giving the wrong password to access my account but when I tried it on chrome I got in at daniweb.

I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this, if so is there any configuration you do to to access daniweb using mozilla? Well, anyway just what you guys to know about this, it might help you or you might help me.

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I'm sorry for the late reply...
I just tried it again, and it still the same...
There are no error message only that I can't get in...
Usually when I'm done typing my username and password I hit enter, and I'm in but now (using mozilla) the page refreshes and I am redirected back to the same page..


Oh, so you're redirected back? That's due to corrupt cookies. Clearing your browser cookies should fix the issue.


Thank you Dani...,,
clearing the cookies did fixed the issue...
thank you for the added learning...

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