It's that time of the year when I've run out of Member of the Month interviews for the DaniWeb Digest - our newsletter which goes out to over 850K double opt-in subscribers.

So, if you think there is a member who deserves to be featured as member of the month (which involves anmswering some questions via the DaniWeb PM system, and getting a 'featured poster' badge in return as well as the kudos of being in the member newsletter) or perhaps think that you yourself is that person, then start nominating here.

I will need to interview the first nominee within the next week or two, ready for the newsletter that goes out at the start of next month. So thinking caps on please...

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Oh, just to add: anyone with a 'Featured' badge next to their username has already been, er, featured.


I would like to recommend Ene Uran who has been with Daniweb for a long time now and has contributed to Python/Geek's Lounge forums.


How about a retroactive featuring of Dave Sinkula, sort of as a memorial to a good friend and a great member? Obviously there can't be an interview, but I think it would be a nice gesture.

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Yes, great! And take AD second.
That's a good idea

I'm liking that idea. Maybe we could put together a collection of quotes/comments from existing members with their memories of Dave first and then Melvin after. I'll set up a new thread... Here it is :)

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Thanks all, so we now have NathanOliver, Slavi and Tcll lined up for the coming three months - along with the restrospective ones as well of course.

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