To contribute tutorials, product reviews, news stories, interviews, etc.

I have written quite a few tutorial type articles, mainly for my own benefit really. They are on my website but I don't think many people read them due to lack of exposure. Is it ok if I put some on here? Mine do have quite a few images on though - can you put images on the articles here?

Yes, you can use images within the articles. However, we do require that all editorial content you submit is unique to DaniWeb ... it gets us in trouble with Google if there's "duplicate content" issues, meaning the same exact article appears word-for-word on DaniWeb and on your own site as well. It makes the search engines think that DaniWeb plagiarizes.

Ok no probs, I have a public flag on my articles as some are just for me - I will just set that to be hidden for any I put on here.

Sorry one more question.

Does Article is Currently a Working Draft mean that I can do a little each day and save it for example until it is ready to be approved?

Exactly, yes.

Please also note that the more views your articles get, and the more upvotes, and replies they receive, the more money you make through our rewards system!!

Ooooo money, what kind of figures are we talking?

Not much, anywhere from a few pennies up to $10 or so per article, depending upon its popularity and how well the community likes it. Basically a little pocket change to thank you for contributing to DaniWeb. However, we do end up giving away just as much (sometimes more!) than is earned from the advertisements on the page.

I won't give up my day job just yet then!

I'm not in it for the money anyway, I write articles for myslef as a learning exercise so its just nice to share.

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I creaetd a test article to see how it works and am now ready to create a real one. I can't delete the test one though. Is that functionality not there or can you do it for me please?

I could change all the text in this one for my real one but I'm still left whith a load of uploaded images I don't want.

Is that functionality not there or can you do it for me please?

Missing functionality. Change the title to PLEASE DELETE. That's what Dani advised me last time ;)