whats the difference between My Articles and My Posts links on botton bar? Both directs to the same thing; the only difference is the way of presenting it: articles are presented with content preview and posts are presented as links to them. But generally both positions on bottom bar serves one goal. So its pointless to have two links there. Not to mention that in this way it misleads people.

Also (from left to right):

  • Forums -> not needed as core thing of this web is forum;
  • Recommended Articles -> should be Recommended Posts. Btw - what makes post being recommended? number of votes it gets from others? its not clear..... not necessary;
  • Recently Updated -> completely useless as its obvious for user what's been updated and whats not;
  • Viewed -> see above;
  • Unanswered -> useful and needed;
  • both My Articles and My Posts -> see above; completely no sense having them; besides its blind link;
  • Bookmarks -> useful and needed;
  • Chat -> useless as almost all times counter shows 0;

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Chat is very useful for those members with whom people want to chat. When someone has posted a message in your chat box the indicator will change to a different colour with a number indicating the number of waiting messages. The usefulness of a feature is not determined by your need or lack of it.

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