Is it just me or is it just frustrating and annoying when people want our help but can't be bothered to even type a full, clear sentence or two to explain their problem in a clear unambigious way?

They are often in panic I guess. Never paid attention in class and then there is that homework that has to be done before tomorrow 10 AM!!!
Once they obtained the slightest answer, why bother to post a small thank you or mark the thread as solved.
Luckily they don't constitute the majority of the posters.

Ok I feel like a grumpy old man now! In a better mood now the sun is shining :)

And it's the time of the year to sing: "Always look on the bright side of life!"

@Dave, that is common throughout the world of coding forums in my opinion. I have found that a lot of people, not all but still many, take free help from forums for granted. They come to expect quick and right answers and will often not have the courtesy to be thankful. When I first started out on forums, it bugged me a lot to have to deal with ungrateful people. However, I like helping more than I like acknowledgement of the help I am giving.

@Anyone - I'm not really talking about a lack of gratitude - I don't need any, I'm just talking about badly worded, half sentences that don't describe the help needed in the first place.

Laziness is certainly an issue, and sadly there's nothing we can really do about it without instating draconian policies. Another common reason for vague or poorly worded questions is non-native English speakers having trouble formulating their thoughts.

The former is obvious, and with a little practice the latter is as well. But folks in the latter category should really not be blasted for it, since they're usually trying. Language barriers can be significant.

A third reason that comes to mind is the Twitter generation shrinking their question into incoherence. For them, a simple request for more information usually helps.

I think the one has to do with the other. Showing no gratitude does not inspire someone to formulate decent questions either.
And then there is the language barrier some people have difficulty with. I must say I'm already improved, but I guess most native English speaking people will notice that English is not my main language. Try to do my best though and any advice or corrective remark is always welcome!

I guess most native English speaking people will notice that English is not my main language

If I didn't know, I wouldn't have guessed. Believe it or not, the vast majority of native English speakers are horrible at writing it. ;)

I guess most native English speaking people will notice that English is not my main language.

Nothing that couldn't be attributed to fumbly keyboarding. Trust me, your English is vastly superior to my pathetic attempts at a foreign language.

What I don't understand is the people who post in haste because they need an answer right freakin' now!!! Don't they realize that this only results in more delays as those who are willing to help seek clarification. They would have been better off putting in the time up front to compose a coherent question.

@Reverend Jim
Thanks guys! :o)
Try to do my best. I consider this as a form of politeness towards others.
Trying to be civilized in eh hmm civilized world.
The "lazy" people out there (their, they're .. he, he) should also give it a try.