Hello hello.

I'm remodeling my personal website, and I'd like to stack the links as flat icons, pretty much as facebook, linkedin and etc appears on here.

So, instead of the badge I'd like to show an icon to keep the layout, but I couldn't find one for DaniWeb. Am I blind again?

Based on the favicon, I just enlarged it... What do you think? Can I use it on my site?


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Sure, be my guest :) But the badge isn't just a regular image. It actually tracks how many times it's been viewed and clicked on and uses that information to link back to whatever website it's posted on.


Yeah, I know... but until you make a version of it with an square icon, I don't have much choice. Just kidding! =P

I love the badges, but the thing is that I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do with this site, for now just gonna link where I'm to find me with a couple of drawings.
With too much on my mind to do, I need do it in small parts, otherwise nothing will be done.

Gonna use this one for now ^^


Oh Dave, I hand't see you there... alright! Gonna try some things and I'll be back with some options ^^


Ok... here it goes... but remember, I'm not a designer =)

And the font ain't right.

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Oh Dave, you joker!
But I pracited a little more of PS, so it's all good =P

Anyway, I went with the first option on my site.

You can see how bad I'm at design: the first 3 icons were made by some real designer(http://www.flaticon.com/), and the last 3 by me ^^.

Still open to suggestions, but I guess I'll close this.

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Nice site ale. I think the icon "text" needs to be fatter and the dw logo has the ends of the greater than symbol as vertical. I think most fonts will give and angled ending. So unless you get a specific font perhaps best to use lines and chisel off the ends to leave a vertical edge. But my ps skills nonexistent. I only just manage with fireworks.

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