First of all I'd like to say great work on the addition of drafting articles before commiting to editorial however one question. The last two samples I published (Removed tick from "This is a working draft") seems to make the pending article unaccessible, I recently found out that the articles had been submitted for checking which is cool, however I couldn't find them any where, to get access to these articles I had to create a new article, then save as draft wich gave me access to a list of draft and pending publishing articles.

Is there a way to access this Draft\Pending list to re-edit at a later date, if so where it it. I think the link i saw was something like "upcoming articles"


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Hi Dani, thanks, I managed to get help understanding that. What I am really trying to find is the following. Once I've clicked on "publish" i Get this screen with the link at the top "View Article Workshop"


Then when I click on the link I get the list of pending and draft articles:


as you designed and built the website you'll be all to familiar with this =0) however, my question really is, once I've left this page, how do I get back to this Article Workshop View list, If I save a draft I can't seem to figure out how to get back to it at a later date... also, like here I've created a bunch of tests... which would be kind of cool if I could just click on a littel trashcan or something to delete them.

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At the very bottom of every page are lists of links, which include the article workshop that's filtered based on your user permissions.


Oh my god... I must be smoking crack... Somehow I always thought this was the bottom of the page


But look, there's even more BWahahahaha...


I swear to god I've never seen that bit what the hell man... look there's a little JC badge too whoop... I must of just assumed the dim gray box was the footer and stopped scrolling automatically. GOSH DARN IT.

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