The moderators on DaniWeb are starting to become like those on StackExchange: Rude , self-important, and unhelpful. If I want to be abused I will go back over to StackExchange.

If DaniWeb expects to grow, the moderators need be reined in, or DaniWeb will just end up second fiddle to StackExchange, but just as mean.

It will also be detrimental, as DaniWeb will then have visitors begin to exhibt the same behaviors now showing up on StackExchange: Not marking answers; A new account per question; "Why not" questions (A specialty of a friend of mine when he is bored and wants to watch the moderators rage.); Talent turned off and not offering assistance anymore, and creating Websites as to why; Old newbies not feeling they need to offer assistance as their skills grow because of how they were treated when they were getting started; Etc.

An there you have it.

Can you please provide specific examples of the behaviour you mention.

It is a rather unusual first post. How could anybody have abused you as you joined 30 minutes ago ?

I can only imagine it's about our recent troll Woz.

I did wonder if it was the Woj/Woz/Wonk back with a new account...

According to the IP addresses, Woj was posting from Poland and K.Chris is posting from Mexico.

Yep, but a proxy would account for that easy enough.

Just look at how abusive you moderators are! ;)

We're clearly the devil's spawn, being all objective and fair. ;)

I'd wager this complaint has something to do with not being able to differentiate between enforcing the rules as a moderator and participating in discussions as a member.

@Reverend , IP addresses in 2015 ... least thing they could do is use Tor if they wanted to be keep anonimity against the ABUSIVE mods !!

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Rude , self-important, and unhelpful. If I want to be abused I will go back over to StackExchange.

Ok, well bugger off back to SE then. Abusive enough?

Just wundrin' - if you're getting abused everywhere you go, perhaps there's a message for you there somewhere.

See deceptikon's post - the above was definitely a member talking.

Moderators-I wouldn't be too much heed to him/her/it . Jist another troller. You guys do a Tacotastic job on here!

Is here moderators are perticipatng in discussions as a member? I have bitter experiance.

Please share. If we,. as a team, can learn anything from those experiences then it can only be good for the community. Of course, more often than not thoise bitter experiences are simply being on the wrong end of a rule which has not been understood or accepted.

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Is here moderators are perticipatng in discussions as a member? I have bitter experiance.

WHat are you asking? Are moderators participating in discussions as members?

I'd say that when moderators are discussing anything in forums it is as a member, unless we need to put on mod hats and start enforcing rules. If you think that a post is abusive and deserves being reported, then you have the 'flag post' button at your disposal.

If you have bitter experience of being abused by a member (mod or otherwise), you should report the relevant posts. Mods can be infracted just like regular members, because that's what we are - regular members. We're human too and we may make mistakes from time to time. We just give up additional time in our day to help ensure the smooth running of the site by removing spam, putting out fires etc.

@diafol: I always appreciate you about the behaviour of a mod to other members and their duties. But, what is your decision about, when a mod tries to provoke another to accept his superiority.
Here, each op posts their problems to get some solutions and also some lessons about that matter. They always have small problems, it would be complex or simple. So to give solutions, sometimes there should have similarities in basic structures in discussions. In that case, is first one can say or make a blame to the second one that he/she tries to copy his solution? A mod blamed me that I have copied him because unfortunately in that particular thread his and mine are same (98%) and deleted that post. He behaved with me abusively several times about my postings. Every time I tried to overlook that and lastly from the last week of feb’15 I dropped my posting counts. All programming languages have some basic features like variables, arrays, functions, procedures, control follows etc. Though they have different language structure but conception is almost same. But the mod doesn’t ready to accept the basics of the language; he behaves like the inventor of that feature.

This is about an exchange between Shark_1 and me. Upon reviewing what I had posted I want to apologize to Shark_1. I was too hasty in my deletion and I have undeleted the post. I do not agree with his technique (multiple Return statements) but his solution was a valid one nonetheless. As several of the moderators are aware I have had other things on my mind lately and I was not as careful as I should have been on reading what was posted.

Once again, my apologies.

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commented: Understandable RJ. But we're all human regardless. Big hand. +0

I didn’t know everything, in which mental situation you are going on. I saw that from my family members closely and I know how painful it is. Please, don’t feel insecure yourself, be strengthened. Everyone here with you.

I want to apologize to you if I do any impudent or disrespectful before.

Thanks Jim, be strengthened yourself.

As I said in the PM. I made a mistake and you, quite rightly, called me on it.

Cheers and thanks for the good wishes.